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Manhattan Finding Home - A Little Unicorns Tale Book

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Manhattan Finding Home - A Little Unicorns Tale Book

Introduce your little one into the wonderful and whimsical world of the Adorables, with everyone's favorite Petals Unicorn character! Featuring 10 full-color and beautifully designed pages of unique artwork by Madelyn Kozlowski. This is the perfect book to read to your young one before bed. They will instantly connect and fall in love with Petals Unicorn and the adventure that awaits, and slowly drift off to sleepy land. Let their imagination run wild and introduce your young one to this amazing book today.

Age Range: 6 months+

Dimensions: 15cm L x 15cm D x 2cm W (approx)

Manhattan's delightful soft books with their bright colours, diverse textures and interactive elements provide the first step in developing a life-long love of reading.